Media & Entertainment Tech Investments Database

A little background

I started keeping track of Media & Entertainment-related investments in early 2019.

The initial goal for me was to stay in touch with a fast-changing space. Broadband availability, smartphone penetration, hardware improvements, and cultural shifts are enabling new stories, formats, and business models to emerge on a daily basis. The best way to keep track of the companies leveraging those capabilities was to get serious about actually monitoring them.

Another factor was the sudden – and somehow painful – realization that I was slowly starting to age out of the target demographics of most of the newest apps and communities vying for consumers’ attention. Sure, I wasn’t old old – not yet. But I also wasn’t young enough anymore to still be immersed in youth culture in such a way that I would organically hear about “that new social app” from my friends and peers.

I figured a more methodical approach would enable me to keep an eye on the newest product launches – if not as a user, at least as a close observer. I have found that being further removed from the tech zeitgeist also gives me a better overview of longer-term trends.

The Airtable database above is the result of those ongoing efforts. I’m sharing it here so that others can follow along my discoveries and keep track of this space, too. As I keep populating this database, I aim to develop my pattern-recognition skills, identify broader trends, and share my insights on the industry.



This database focuses on “Media & Entertainment Tech,” or the intersection of media/entertainment and technology.

What that means is any technology product, service, or platform impacting the value chain of media or/and entertainment in any way. The exact definition may evolve with time, especially as the great unbundling of channel functions accelerates. That being said, I consider that value chain to be formed of the following stages today:

Creation > Production > Distribution > Curation > Discovery > Consumption > Remixing > Sharing

I try to keep a broad view of what the space entails. To me, an esports team at the crossroads of content creation, talent agency, and street culture fits the bill. So does a creator tool for podcasters, or a studio creating digital influencers. I’m confident the industry will only grow richer – and more interesting.


For every new investment I come across in the space, I add a new record to the database, with information that includes: the sector or sectors the company evolves in, investors in the round, the investment stage, the amount invested (in dollars), and more.

Whenever I can, I try and point to one specific article, and populate the “Info” field with key metrics, quotes, or strategic analysis. I find it helpful for understanding not just the “What”, but the “Why” of a given investment, too.

When it’s useful, I’ll add some visuals of the product or platform to give a better idea of what the company is building.


I’ll be honest here: there isn’t much method to talk about.

  • Being French myself, I have a bias toward Western products. Those are the products I read and hear about, use, and recommend to friends. Still, I do keep track of Eastern companies when I come across investments in the space.
  • Because I’m doing all this as a personal hobby, this database is in no way comprehensive.  Since I usually batch complete the table, you should expect some lag between the time an investment is announced and the time it show up here. This is a fast-moving space – sometimes I’ll simply miss investments others might think were unmissable.
  • I pull my information from publicly available sources. From time to time, some pieces of information can be inaccurate.
  • The database itself could use some improvements. I’m hoping to refine it as I dive deeper in Airtable’s features. 

When it comes to media investing, I also recommend having a look at Eric Peckham’s Media Investors Database.

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