Hey, I'm Maxime!

I’m a media professional in Paris, France, working at the junction of the creative industries and technology.

I began my career with various roles in the entertainment landscape, from film sales & acquisitions to music publishing and booking. Then, I discovered the tech ecosystem. I’ve been working on combining both worlds ever since, both in France and in the U.S.

My background is a mix of humanities and business. I’m a graduate from Sorbonne University (BS, English Literature & Civilization), Sorbonne Nouvelle University (MA, French Literature), and ESSEC Business School (MSc, Management). I’m a strong believer in transversal thinking and lifelong learning.

What you'll find here


A Primer on Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio has brought together content, product, and design to “inspire a generation of musicians.” Meet the coolest music technology company.

I write Recreations, a newsletter about the intersection of media, technology, and culture. I use it to share thoughts, interesting news, and case studies on companies doing cool things in terms of products and branding.

Market intelligence

I’m constantly monitoring Media & Entertainment Tech. 2019 was so busy, I decided to unpack the year and dive deep into the trends, initiatives, companies, and investments that pushed the industry forward. The result report is a great overview for anyone who’s interested in the space and wants to understand the current state of the market.

I also maintain a comprehensive Airtable database of the deals I’m seeing in the space. It’s a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to keep track of investment activity in media.


I find, ingest, and compile the best resources out there to help others learn about media & entertainment. If you want to explore the space, my reading list is the best place to start.

Media & Entertainment - and everything else, too

Media & entertainment isn’t just the content we consume. It’s why we consume it, as well as where, when, and how we do it. It’s the devices we use, how we use them, and what they do to us, too. It’s how we think and feel, how we write, how we communicate. It’s an integral part to our personal and collective lives.

It’s also the perfect field of study for curious minds. It relates to psychology (desire, influence) and sociology (taste, community, culture), but also to marketing (positioning, branding), business (go-to-market, competition), and economics (power laws, network effects). It’s enabled by technology (networks, hardware, software) and enhanced by design (user experience). It’s a wonder of interdisciplinarity, and a never-ending source of enjoyment and learning.

Looking at media & entertainment means asking questions such as:

  • How does the format and context of content impact what we choose to share?
  • How do social platforms affect how we view and showcase ourselves? What does it mean to be me in a world where my identity is split into several personalities across multiple apps, forums, and tribes?
  • As consumers, how can we manage content overload, and make better decisions in terms of what we indulge in or binge-watch? Does it even matter?
  • Why do some artists and genres make it into the mainstream, when so many others stay in the shadows? How can artists leverage new technologies and business models to break through the clutter and thrive?
  • How can content producers make safer bets for the future? What’s the impact of data on how we pick content, what gets renewed, and what gets pruned?
  • Why are different generations embracing the same technologies in different ways? What can the content we create tell us about our similarities – and our differences?

I’m on a journey to answer some of those questions – and to find more to ask.

Connect with me

I’m here to share and connect.

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or email me at hi@maximeeyraud.com.